Cassandra was admired by the god Apollo. In efforts to seduce her, he offered her the gift of prophecy. After receiving the gift, she changed her mind and rejected him. Angered, he spat into her mouth and cursed her so that none of her prophecies would be believed. She was seen as a liar and … Continue reading


Transcript 22- April

I think particularly when I was in middle school, there was this idea of, being depressed is just what teenage girls do and so there was this response of, “you’re just doing this because you’re a teenage girl, not because you’re actually experiencing anything wrong.” I think there was definitely subtext behind the comments.

Transcript 21- Valerie

"Like I think the analogy I use, if you were like, “hey, here are some magic pills that you can take. This one's for your bipolar disorder, this one's for your schizophrenia” I’d take the second and not the first because I don't know what kind of person I'd be like if my whole life and personality was different starting at the age of like six, right? Like [bipolar disorder] is a thing I know how to deal with, I've always dealt with. [the schizophrenia] is the thing that I have a clear before and after picture."

Transcript 20- Ada

“I still have this really intense relationship to desire. And when people desire me, I automatically owe them something… um, favors or flattery or my body or just… I don’t know, anything. Comfort. Um, the truth is, no. I mean, when someone is good to you or they’re just doing what they should do, like as long as you’re a good person and they like you and you like them, when someone is good to you, that’s face value how they should behave. And it just takes acknowledging that and being gracious to that and… finding ways to… you know, pay it forward. That’s not charity, it’s just love. It’s like, intimacy with someone on any… any sort of level.”

Transcript 19- Helena

"So my abuser was also my rapist and so recently, especially with the “me too” movement, which I'm so excited about, I'm really glad it's being talked about. However it's being talked about so much and pretty much everywhere I look... sometimes it's hard to get away from those conversations. So there will be moments in time where... for example, unfortunately the Brett Kavanaugh case, that was the worst bout of depression that I've really, really long time."

Transcript 18- Christina

"I feel like with narratives about men...there's more… I don’t want to say it's more heroic but it's like there's more of this sympathy. It's like, “what could have brought a man down to that?” Maybe... maybe... but with women it’s like monstrous and it's... twisted and it's not romanticized in the same way. Like all these tales we get about like... sad.... and I like a lot of the stories…. like I love a lot of movies or stories that are about like the tortured man. Cause it's like sympathetic regardless of gender-- I can recognize, you know? But with women... I feel like complex female villains... who are they? Like no, they don't exist a lot of times."

Transcript 17- Charlie

"I think I still struggle with... when I do get these anxiety attacks and especially, um, it is when I'm at home, um, it's... really hard because I feel like I have grown so much as a person. I have put all of these things behind me so it's really frustrating to have to still deal with these lingering consequences that like... no longer have any connection to like, you know, my life. Like... I'll just start like crying out of nowhere. I'll be like, this is for no reason. This is just because like, my amygdala is fucked up and that’s… that's frustrating."

Transcript 16- Grace

“After I got discharged…like it was tiring. Um, because like I kind of had to tell different groups of people different levels of stuff. Um, but it was... I don't know, it always felt like I was like...reborn even though that sounds kind of cliche, but… it just felt like... I was who I was when I was like 5, like almost as if I... I was like that child part of myself before I even knew anything bad was happening. Almost as if my trauma could undo its effects.”